Thursday 16 February 2012

New on our news page

In London, the Royal Court Theatre is looking for 100 word plays, on any subject, to be posted everywhere throughout the building, on the walls, in the lifts, under drinks, on the tickets.

And the Tricycle Theatre is going nuclear with two plays about the atomic bomb. At ZSL London Zoo, ants perform in a robotic ballet. Across the country, Fevered Sleep is touring 'The Forest'.

In Newcastle and Gateshead, the AV Festival will move as slowly as possible through March, with walks, exhibitions, symposia, film and music on themes of time and duration.

The Sustainable Earth section at Fringe Arts Bath, and ‘The Home and The World’ event at Dartington are calling for projects and proposals.

The Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World is auctioning works on ‘My Favourite Tree’.  

The Eden Project hosts a day of psychological and artistic investigation into the ‘Nature Crisis’.

David Rothenberg launches his new book Survival of the Beautiful. Art, Science and Evolution. 

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