Thursday 29 March 2012

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'Take the money and run' reading group

The Dark Mountain Project moves north with a festival in Scotland in April, and a lecture in Falmouth by Dark Mountain's Paul Kingsnorth is now a podcast.

Headphones on: The Tate à Tate Audio Tour is available to download. It's three alternative guides to the Tate collections and their sponsorship by oil corporations.

A webcast conference on sustainable practice in the theatre springs from Minneapolis.

In Edinburgh, the Science Festival hosts three talks by climate scientist James Hansen, along with events on food, foraging and dance.

PLATFORM's Jane Trowell and the Live Art Development Agency 'take the money and run' in a series of reading groups on ethics, art and sponsorship. photo above

Other new courses include urban permaculture in Salford and Body/Landscape in Scotland.

Two exhibitions are coming up from Cape Farewell: HEVVA! HEVVA! by students on the Cornwall Short Course at the Eden Project; and in Paris, Carbon 12, pairing artists with climate scientists.

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