Monday, 23 April 2012

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from Noye's Fludde

The comedy Thin Ice is inspired by the  'weather wars' between Britain and Germany over Arctic bases for predicting weather patterns and involves a thawing body.

In Wales, young people give a climate changing update to Benjamin Britten's Noye's Fludde.

Paradise Lost is the inspiration for a new church opera by Jonathan Dove, The Walk from the Garden, at the Salisbury Festival.

In Brussels, KAAI Theater hosts five days of performances, films, exhibitions and talks on cities, food, bicycles, farms, extinction, bees, rivers and the sound of pollen.

Make do and mend it at a symposium in the Lake District.

Proposals are wanted for a residency in Andalucía showing how the environment reacts to light in the desert.

Storytellers are walking to Canterbury. The call is out for new, green Canterbury Tales for the journey.

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