Tuesday 27 November 2012

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Common Dance, choreographer: Rosemary Lee
A cluster of arts events in the next ten days consider different kinds of economy, generosity and profit.

Choreographer Rosemary Lee draws together a day of talks and films 'On Taking Care' in London.

Patronage and the theatre is explored at Birkbeck College, London.

Tim Jeeves' live art project 'Giving in to Gift' ends with a day of talks at the Bluecoat, Liverpool.

Climate and race are correlated with corporate oil practices by Virtual Migrants in an evening of spoken word and music in Manchester.
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Monday 26 November 2012

Turkey limerick: melting glaciers

Melting Glaciers in the Himalayas (Credit: top-10-list.org)
Kellie Gutman writes:

Unable to pass up the opportunity to submit an "Environmental Turkey of 2012" in the form of a limerick, to the Nicholas School of Environment contest at Duke University, I have chosen the epidemic of melting glaciers worldwide as my subject.  The contest, open to American citizens, ends at midnight Eastern Standard Time tonight.

My offering:

As the global temperature warms
Our planet reacts with fierce storms.
The impact is felt
When our glaciers melt
And the coastline around us re-forms.

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Friday 23 November 2012

There once was a turkey ...

Wallace Heim writes:

As if the American holiday of Thanksgiving wasn't hard enough on turkeys, the pejorative use of the word gives the Greengrok blog the chance to stage a contest for the 'Environmental Turkey of 2012' . The prize is an iPad. The catch is that nominations have to be in the form of a limerick.

Their sampler:

Two thousand twelve, oh what a mess
Dirty ads, gridlock, but I digress
When it comes to green
Little progress was seen
Who’s the turkey to blame for this mess?

You have until 26 November to submit a turkey. 
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Wednesday 14 November 2012

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'It's the Skin You're Living In'
Tomorrow night in London, five writers talk poetry, fiction, travel and climate: Tom Chivers, Daniel Kramb, Rachel Lichtenstein, Michael McKimm and Ruth Little.

There's film coming up in Glasgow: 'It's the Skin You're Living In' at FuelFest, and in Berlin: the GROUNDED festival of films about soil.

'Adaptation' is this year's theme for the COAL Prize, Paris. Applications are open.

And in Edinburgh, Bruno Latour will give the Gifford Lectures in February, searching for theatre and ritual in a world of Gaia and politics.
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Tuesday 13 November 2012

Hitting the high water mark

Eve Mosher: High Water Line
Wallace Heim writes:

The Talk of the Town in the New Yorker last week was all about Sandy. Elizabeth Kolbert framed her piece on the impossibility of flood protection around an artwork by Eve Mosher.

Using a Heavy Hitter, the machine to make chalk lines on baseball fields, Mosher drew a blue line around the edge of Brooklyn and lower Manhattan ten feet above sea level, the height that waters were expected to rise during a once-in-a-hundred-year flood.

Mosher’s plan with High Water Line was to leave a visual mark and to open up a space for conversation, in 2007.

"I have pictures of where I drew the line and, if you look at the debris line, they’re pretty close", Mosher writes on her blog, continuing, "I never wanted to be right."
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Thursday 1 November 2012

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photo of / by Marcus Coates in Galápagos exhibition
TippingPoint launches a crowd-sourced database of climate art.

Kieran Lynn wins the Nick Darke Award for his play Wild Fish.

Galápagos makes it to the Fruitmarket Gallery in Edinburgh.

There are events in the forest at Wysing Arts in Cambridge.

TJ Demos writes on gardens, biotech and the politics of ecology at dOCUMENTA 13. 

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