Thursday 2 April 2009

satellite session

Next month there's a festival and symposium, Earth Matters on Stage, taking place in Oregon, organised by Theresa May, author of Greening Up Our Houses.

The speakers include Una Chaudhuri, author of Staging Place: the Geography of Modern Drama (whom we quote in our piece on Chekhov, the proto-environmentalist).

The Ashden Directory was keen to participate in this conference, but also keen to avoid flying to America (sorry, Kevin.)

So we're doing a satellite session from here on Friday 29th May (6pm in London, 9am in Oregon). The title is: 'What Can Be Asked? What Can Be Shown? British Theatre in the Time of Climate Instability'.

The panel includes Dan Gretton, PLATFORM, Paul Heritage, People’s Place Projects & Queen Mary's, João Andre da Rocha, producer, Clare Patey, artist, and Mojisola Adebayo, artist/theatre-maker.

We'll be blogging the conference and posting our own session online.

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