Sunday 12 April 2009

theatre in 25 years

American Theatre's 25th anniversary issue asked 25 practitioners how they imagined theatre in 25 years time. Here are 10 of their ideas about the future.

1. Theatre will mix both local and virtual communities.
2. Ways of producing will flourish that have less impact on the planet.
3. Social settings (clubs, bars, living rooms), site-specific locations, galleries, black boxes, parks, community centers - will become the new normal.
4. Artists will band together in small communities rather than living as travelling mercenaries.
5. Movies and TV will be quaint nostalgia, as will laptops, iPods, PlayStation and other gadgets.
6. No space will be safe from theatre. It will happen anywhere.
7. The sector will realize that all theatre is local.
8. American theatre will dramatize a changing America, neighborhood by neighborhood, city by city, region by region.
9. A regional theatre will present a five-play season that only features one show from a European-centered perspective.
10. You'll bring your own text (SMS), your own soundtrack (iPod), light your own show (LED), and use onstage toilets.

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