Monday, 11 January 2010

in or out of tune

The new Renault commercial called 'Drive The Change' aims to prepare the public for Renault's zero emission cars. Most car ads emphasise speed, freedom, comfort and sexiness. This one appeals to our sense of social justice.

It starts off by saying what an amazing invention the car has been and how it has revolutionised society. And then it takes an interesting direction. The voiceover asks if this amazing invention is still in tune with society today. (In the ad, we approach two road signs: one says 'yes', the other 'no'.)

The film footage juxtaposes images of wealth and poverty, as the voiceover goes on:

Is it still acceptable that some of us are able to drive while some of us barely have the means to get around? ... Does enjoyment for some have to cost the lives of others? Do you still have to be one of the lucky few to reap the benefits of progress?

(There are pictures now of alarm clocks going off.)

At Renault we think it's time to change things. For us the pleasure of driving doesn't just mean pleasure for the driver. It's a pleasure we share with everyone around us. For us global warming is an issue that goes beyond the emissions coming out of the exhaust ...

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