Tuesday 26 January 2010

the switch in the last few months

After each edition of Radio 4's Today programme, the presenters reflect for a couple of minutes on how that edition went. This review is only available online.

The final item on today's programme was a discussion between Mike Hulme and Tony Juniper about the melting glaciers, the IPCC and the calls for Dr Pauchuri to resign.

The controversy over the melting glaciers - following, as it does, the hacked emails, the disappointment at Copenhagen, and the unusually cold winter - has provided climate contrarians with yet another talking point to hijack the debate.

In the review after the programme John Humphrys reflected that:

The whole climate change debate has really switched around over the past few months. A lot of people who were - I think this is fair to say - entirely persuaded of the argument are a bit dismayed (putting it mildly) at the way the argument is being called into question.

Not that they necessarily no longer believe that climate change is man-made, and the rest of it, but the debate is not going the way many people had expected, and hoped.


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