Monday 13 September 2010

where to see a four degree world

At the first afternoon of the Tipping Point conference, Tom Burke gave a short briefing. In essence, he said (using Hadley figures) that we were now heading for a four degree world. If we wanted to know what a four degree world was like, he said, look at Pakistan.

Not everyone wants to. The University of Michigan history professor Juan Cole writes that the US press has completely failed to cover the events in Pakistan: The Great Pakistani Deluge Never Happened Don’t Tune In, It’s Not Important.

The great Pakistani deluge did not exist, it seems, because it was not on television, would not have delivered audiences to products, and was not all about us.

ClimateProgress runs the front covers of this week's Time magazine as it appears in the Europe, Asia, and South Pacific editions. All carry the story of the Pakistan floods (headlined 'Pakistan's Despair').

The American edition has a front cover story about US education, headlined 'What makes a school great?' (Well, learning about the world around you might be one answer.)

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