Wednesday, 24 December 2008

shoes of another

In a comment that follows his own post on Climate Change Denial, Roman Krznaric writes

"In her book Other People’s Shoes, the British Shakespearean actress Harriet Walter has written that actors ‘are the custodians of another person’s thoughts, and must locate them and reproduce them as faithfully as possible. This has nothing to do with interpretation or imitation. Accents and mannerisms are not the point. The exercise is to quieten our own ego and let another person speak.’ This approach to acting mirrors the imaginative act of empathising where we attempt to put ourselves in the shoes of another, and allow their thoughts and experiences to become part of us and guide us. To my mind, the more drama work around climate change, the better."

Krznaric's essay, ‘Empathy and Climate Change: Proposals for a Revolution of Human Relationships’, can be downloaded here.

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