Tuesday 19 May 2009

nothing but nature

Wallace Shawn's first play in 10 years, Grasses of a 1000 Colours, opened last night at the Royal Court. The Standard gives it four stars.

Shawn says his new play is about how humans are part of nature and nothing but nature.

'Written at a time in which it is being revealed bit by bit that human beings, perhaps in particular male human beings, have been involved in activities which risk the survival of all life on planet earth, the play (itself written by a male human being) speculates on the relationship between man and animals, man and nature.'

The Standard says that Shawn’s writing possesses 'a remarkable mixture of unabashed intellectualism and visceral appeal.'

More Wallace Shawn on this blog: he wants Naomi Klein's audience here; he's unlike David Mamet here; and he wants to get through the layers of propaganda here. Shawn season previewed here.

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