Monday 6 July 2009

what the new narrative describes

The founder of the Eden Project, Tim Smit (left) elaborates on what he means by 'hippy shit'. He says he in no way meant:

'to decry the efforts of those who are encouraging the first steps in community action through various mediums such as growing your own and so on, merely that we have been here before many times and the danger of becoming over impressed with such steps is that it drowns out the scream from the future that a truly radical shift in philosophy and leadership is required - one that questions the fundamentals of the way we do business, measure growth and take on responsibilities as citizens as opposed to just being aware of our rights.'

The target is to cut our carbon footprint by 80%. To succeed in doing this:

'we need a new narrative, one that describes the sunny uplands our society is striving to reach and the reason why adopting a philosophy which sees us recognising our part in and responsibility to the natural world will see us working with the grain of nature and not against it.'

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