Wednesday 20 January 2010

brand value

The environmentalist and iconoclast Stewart Brand spoke at the RSA last night. He's on a book tour at the moment promoting Whole Earth Discipline.

It won't have surprised anyone in the RSA audience who has seen Brand online discuss four environmental heresies to hear the self-styled ecopragmatist say he is pro-nuclear, pro-slums (as a route to prosperity), pro-geoengineering and pro-GM. But there were plenty of surprising details and slides along the way.

This blog boiled down the 60 minutes at the RSA into six tweets:

Stewart Brand's voice had gone, so hard sometimes to hear the details. But it was awkward stuff, in the best sense.

At #rsa this eve, Stewart Brand also said: Amish use GM crops, wildlife in Chenobyl doing great, and Teddy Roosevelt was greenest prez.

At #rsa, stewart brand says: judge longevity of a civilisation by quality of its soil.

At #rsa, stewart brand says: there is now a blue rose.

At #rsa, Stewart Brand's refrain: more science needed, more science needed ...

At #rsa for Stewart Brand talk: the approach I'm taking is #climate change changed everything

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