Wednesday 24 February 2010

new low carbon arts

Tomorrow this blog is attending a conference at the National Theatre - unimaginable five years ago - titled: A Low Carbon Future for the Arts?

The speakers are:

Dame Liz Forgan, Chair Arts Council England
Nick Starr, Executive Director National Theatre
Prof. Chris Rapley CBE, Director Science Museum
Alison Tickell, Director, Julie's Bicycle
Dr Jennifer Cleary, Head of Creative Learning, Manchester International Festival
Steve Tompkins, Howarth Tompkins Architects
Lucy Neal, OBE, Independent Arts Producer

Each participant has been asked to consider these questions:

1. Could your organisation commit to the principles of staff engagement, measurement, reduction and disclosure of greenhouse gas emissions, as developed within the Industry Green Framework? What steps might be needed to gain your commitment and what, if any, support might you need?

2. Is there a meaningful collaborative position on climate change that the arts sector could share publicly? If so, what is it and who should be involved?

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