Thursday 29 April 2010

blog roles

One welcome change on this blog over the last year, and increasingly in the last month, has been the introduction of guest bloggers.

You can read Satinder Chohan on Alain de Botton's week at Terminal 5, Kellie Gutman joining the school that's tracking the speed of spring in the US, Kellie Payne on climate change and zombie concepts and Wallace Heim on how we judge the beauty of wind turbines.

Very briefly, Satinder also writes for us here about Zameen, her play about the farming crisis in the Punjab. Kellie G's books include The Summer Camp Memory Book and John Wilkes Booth Himself, one copy of which is available (used) on Amazon for a mere £322.93.

Kellie P is a PhD student in the Geography department at the Open University researching culture and climate change and tweets here. And Wallace co-edited Nature Performed: Environment, Culture and Performance and discusses theatre and climate change here.

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