Wednesday 28 July 2010

bright ideas or stark statements

Plastic's USP is that it never goes away. It's why smart new recycling plants - such as the merf this blogger visited here - are very good news:

This is the reverse of “Modern Times”, where the machines dehumanise poor old Charlie Chaplin. This time the merf liberates the little guy from the tyranny of the bins.

(Hat-tip: It was the catering manager of the National Theatre who first told me about this 'merf'.)

Not so effective, in this blogger's opinion, is the slightly coercive advertising from the local council (above): 'Recycling: It's a duty not a choice.' As Wiki says, a duty is an obligation that is recognised by the individual, who acts out of a sense of moral commitment. For a local council to lecture its residents on "duties" may be counter-productive.

Pic. RB

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