Monday 6 September 2010

the not-completely sures ... and the fairly sures

"Uncertainty is what science is about." 2nd and final part of Roger Harrabin's absorbing Radio 4 series on reporting climate science.

Oldest continuously living organisms includes the 2,000 year-old welwitschia miribilis.

The Russian public doesn't believe in climate change. But Russian scientists do.

Bill McKibben on David Letterman. Letterman gets it.

New book says that climate-changed Britain is going to fare better than Spain, half of which will become semi-desert. (But Spain's problems will be nothing compared to Bengal's.)

"Progressive parties are always in love with their own emotional impulses." (Tony Blair)

Future generations are likely to view Obama’s choice of health care over energy and climate legislation as a blunder of historic proportions.

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