Tuesday 1 July 2008

flight decked

The cover of London's Time Out magazine features a 'Green Londoner' with a spiky grass hairdo. Inside there's an A-Z on how to 'Green Up Your Act" and extracts from its 'Free-Flight Europe' guidebook (left).

There's also an interview with Richard Chartres, Bishop of London, who was quoted by the Sunday Times two years ago as saying that 'flying is a sin'. He later accepted a challenge to stop flying for a year. The bishop defends his remarks:

'To think of oneself as a sinner is very good news because actually it means you can change. To be a victim, you're powerless, that's it. We're not victims. We choose to be a certain way and we have a range of choices. If you're a believer, you recognise you have responsibility to your neighbour, that in this interconnected world, the way in which we live here is connected to water levels in Bangladesh.'

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