Sunday 27 July 2008

you're right, so go away

It's quite something to review the three-hour TV thriller Burn Up without any mention of Bradley Whitford's blistering central performance, but the Sunday Times' TV columnist manages it. He'd rather riff on about why he doesn't like beards and sandals,

'the real inconvenient truth for the green movement is, as the old Jewish retail expression has it, in winning the argument they’ve lost the sale. They suffer the fatal flaw of being too smug to bear. There is a global resistance, not to the facts, but to environmentalists. It appears most of us would rather fry, drown or starve than be told what to do by a bearded git in sandals, and that’s a rather comforting and cussedly human truth. '

In other words, you're right, and I can't bear the fact that you're right (because of the way I imagine you look), so please just go away.

Look on the bright side - at least he says greens are right.

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