Sunday 15 February 2009

'the only website... such focussed digital excellence'

From Theatre Ecology - Environments and Performance Events by Baz Kershaw (CUP, 2007):

'So by the early 21st century an international movement of environmental and ecological creative performance groups was emerging to span a plethora of forms, genres, aesthetics, venues, locations, sites, purposes, policies and, last but not least, pleasures.'

'A visit to the only website currently wholly dedicated to theatre/performance and environment/ecology gives an excellent idea of this from a UK perspective. The Ashden Directory combines magazine and database formats.'

'The directory lists more than 50 companies, and 200 productions that have serious ecological intent with links to relevant websites, many of which are wonderfully informative and/or imaginative in structure and content. Here is a 'field' that would take at least half a dozen books to explore properly and it is no doubt variously replicated in many parts of the world, though not with such focused digital elegance.'

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