Saturday 9 May 2009

googling waters

Till last Thursday this blog hadn't seen any plays by Steve Waters (left), whose doublebill The Contingency Plan is 'the first good play about climate change'. Time to google ...

Steve Waters lectures in playwriting at Birmingham University and has written 15 plays that have been staged (among other venues) at the West Yorkshire Playhouse, Hampstead, Sheffield Crucible and Gate Theatre.

The Unthinkable, his 'neatly topical' play about thinktanks, was reviewed here. After The Gods, about academics behaving badly, was previewed here. Fast Labour, his play about cheap immigrant labour, was reviewed here. More on Out of Your Knowledge, his play about the poet John Clare, here.

Online there are three articles by Waters for the New Statesman, on naturalism, Nashville and the philosopher Louis Althusser, and four articles for the Guardian, on storytelling, thinktanks, complexity in the arts and documentary theatre.

In his piece on naturalism, Waters highlights the elements of theatrical storytelling ('narrative, character, scene, action') and notes that 'the Arts Council celebrates every mode of theatre other than the written play'.

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