Saturday 9 May 2009

where the ice goes

If there's one line I had to choose from The Contingency Plan, Steve Waters’s terrific new double-bill of plays about climate change, now on at the Bush Theatre in London, it's the moment when Will Paxton (Geoffrey Streatfeild), a young glaciologist, explains the concept of displacement to the new Tory minister for climate change. Having spelled out that ice is 'basically parked water', Will warily predicts that the enormous West Antarctic Ice Sheet may well melt (much like the smaller Larsen B ice shelf).

'But this is thousands of miles from us,' chuckles the smooth Old Etonian minister (David Bark-Jones), whose schoolfriend, David Cameron, has become prime minister. Will replies with patience, 'If you pour water in the bath, it doesn't stay under the tap.'

My piece on 'Finally, A Good Play about Climate Change' appears here.

The Daily Telegraph says it's a stunning theatrical knockout. The Evening Standard says it's a triumph. The Stage says gripping. London Theatre Blog wonders if this is the most important artwork in the country.

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