Tuesday 20 October 2009

fight or flight

In the latest edition of Intelligent Life, I've done an article on to fly or not to fly. Three useful comments have been posted below it.

The first says: isn't going veggie more effective than not flying?

The second says: there's both a practical and a symbolic element to giving up air travel as it's used - conspicuously in the arts - as an indicator of success.

(This comment was from the RSA's Arts and Ecology editor William Shaw. Hat tip: his feature on artists and flying largely underpinned the article I wrote.)

The third says: the market gives people the right to fly, but the pollution created by the flight should be calculated into the ticket price.

On this subject: Costing The Earth examines guilt-free flying. It's often said that aviation contributes 2% of emissions, but new research shows the figure is almost 5%.

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