Tuesday 13 October 2009

setting trends

It's a recurrent theme on this blog that green issues, democracy and new social media are closely connected. This morning provides a perfect example.

The number one trending topic on Twitter is the subject that the Guardian isn't allowed to write about. #Trafigura

This is a story about pollution, human rights, gagging orders, the mainstream media and the power of Twitter. It's also a spectacular example of disastrous PR. (See Streisand Effect.) Even Stephen Fry has tweeted about it (826, 669 followers).

But nothing on the BBC news so far. Here's an earlier Newsnight report on dumping of poisonous waste along the Ivory Coast .

Favourite Twitter quote: @chickyog: I'd like the whole world to know about my blog. How much do Carter-Ruck charge for an injunction?

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