Sunday 11 May 2008

smile and be a villain

In the new James Bond movie, the actor Mathieu Amalric (left) plays the bad guy, Dominic Greene, an environmental campaigner turned villain and expert at greenwash. Amalric says:

'Now that the Bonds are more realistic, you don't know who the villain is anymore - they don't have a metal jaw, they don't have a scar, they don't have an eye that bleeds. In this film, I don't have anything to help me be a villain; I just have my face. So maybe his weapon is his smile, like the mystery of the smile of Tony Blair.'

The latest Bond baddie is the owner of an eco-hotel in the Chilean desert, but says Grist,

'the hotel and "Save the Earth" shtick is just a front for Greene's plan to seize part of South America's water supply.'

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