Tuesday 15 February 2011

tipping point winners announced tonight

The winners of the Tipping Point commissions will be announced this evening. (This blogger was one of this year's readers of the proposals.) Report to follow. Tweets from 6.30pm.

Update: the winners of Tipping Point commissions were

In the Beginning was the End by dreamthinkspeak (£20,000)
My Last Car by 509 Arts (£15,000)
A Beautiful Thing by Barnaby Stone (£15,000)
Found Voices by Joe Duddell and Craig Vear (£10,000)
Unplugged at The Eden Project (£9000)
The Funeral for Lost Species by Feral Theatre (£5,000)

and the Tipping Point/Without Walls commission went to

As The World Tipped by Wired Aerial Theatre  (£30,000)

Full details on the winning commissions on the Ashden Directory.
See also commissions divide between those who have a track record in this area and those who don't
See also: reports on two of last year's winners: fingers on the button and giant day in Tooting.

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