Wednesday 2 February 2011

what the twitterverse thinks of greenland

@Paul_Griffiths_ Feeling all green and depressed after @nationaltheatre #Greenland; on my way home to recycle, buy some wellies and write my will!

@ktlovestheatre National last night for #Greenland. Patronising claptrap! Script? Mali? Bamako? Eco-lesbians? UN? Rubbish! Like poor quality TIE. Miss it!

@miriamgillinson Is it bad that climate change feels like old news? Let's hope #Greenland @NationalTheatre changes my mind.

@pat_hobby @jackthorne did you write the toilet roll monologue in #greenland ? The first play to ever revolutionise the audience's wiping technique?

@peterlacy #Greenland new play at #National Theatre: strength/weakness doesn't tie story together in simple message. Frustrating but true of real event

@cathradojcin Went to see #Greenland at @NationalTheatre - v compelling & exciting look at climate change & all it's issues &complexities.Fully recommend

@shesaws Home from #greenland at the NT. Still making up my mind about how the climate change argument was made, but it certainly generates debate.

@tiina_hei Some excellent polar bear characterisation, rainfalls and snow storms at @NationalTheatre this evening. #Greenland

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