Monday 14 April 2008

carbon critical

In his review of Shine a Light, Martin Scorsese's documentary on the Rolling Stones, the Observer's film critic Philip French referred to the 'tons of equipment with which touring rock performers leave their carbon footprints on the planet'.

Was this the first time that French, the Observer's film critic for 31 years, had mentioned carbon footprints? A quick google revealed that he had used the phrase twice before.

On 9 March 2008 French reviewed The Other Boleyn Girl ('A lot of carbon footprints could be saved ...'). On 24 February 2008 he reviewed U2 3D, a documentary about U2's Latin American tour ('when they put a massive carbon footprint on the globe') .

Three references, then, and all in the last two months: imagine if critics regularly included some perspective on the environmental impact of the works they reviewed. The mind boggles.

pic: Mick Jagger and Jack White (left) of the White Stripes in Shine A Light

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