Tuesday 22 April 2008

war on terra

Further to the job of artists post about the nine short climate-change plays that are performed this week in New York, here's a post about the plays by Don DeLillo and Tanya Saracho:

'Both playwrights, in their wildly different ways, have seized upon the fact that what we know (and what we "refuse to know") is deeply reflected in the language we produce (and avoid) to describe our experience. '

The organiser of this play festival, the non-fiction author Lawrence Weschler, wrote about the arts and environmental crises last year for The Nation:

'these crises made a specific call on the attentions not just of scientists and politicians but on those of writers and artists--people, that is, whose very vocation is vision.'

In this subscription-only piece, Weschler coins the phrase, 'the war on terra'.

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