Sunday 15 March 2009

what green first nights look like

You can watch a 51-minute preview of The Age of Stupid, which premieres today.

No dramatist ought to need to repeat the movie's content, but theatres generally would do well to emulate the range of inventive greenery that surrounds this evening's premiere. The list runs:

'full eco audit of emissions from the event; solar powered projector; pedal-powered popcorn making machine; used coffee bean sacks recycled as trendy fence covers; re-used and reusable Green Carpet; bicycles and electric vehicles for celebs, charged from renewable energy sources; biodiesel for vehicles, made from recycled cooking oil collected by volunteers from friendly local chip shops; organic chocolate, beer and soft drinks; no bottled water, disposable cups or other crap like that; no flying! and no offsetting. Offsetting is palpable nonsense.'

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