Tuesday 17 November 2009

climelit, trueclime and climefiction

Over in the Twitterverse this afternoon, climateboom asked, 'what are you favourite books about climate change? and why?' He picked Elizabeth Kolbert's Field Notes From A Catastrophe.

This blog suggested a new genre #ClimeLit. climateboom replied

as opposed to #climefiction - which would be the oeuvre of Nigel Lawson, Christopher Booker et al?

An hour later climateboom rounded up the suggestions from 'the distributed office':

David Holmgren's Future Scenarios, George Monbiot's Heat, Mark Lynas's Six Degrees, Clive Hamilton's Growth Fetish, George Marshall's Carbon Detox, David Archer's The Long Thaw (pic), anything by John Houghton, Mann and Kump's Dire Predictions, Mike Hulme's Why We Disagree About Climate Change and Debi Glior's The Trouble with Dragons.

No mention yet of Margaret Atwood, Kim Stanley Robinson or Steve Waters. Or James Lovelock or Cormac McCarthy.

Update: Societas_ adds Alistair McIntosh's Hell and High Water, but says, 'Most fav books on climate change not yet in print!' Ian McEwan's new novel could be the one.

Maybe we need #climelit for Atwood, McEwan, #trueclime for Monbiot, Lynas, and #climefiction for Lawson, Booker.

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