Thursday 19 November 2009

still more climelit

As well as choosing ('of course') a book by their Policy Director, nef's twitterer (@theneweconomics) also picks Herman Daly (pic) and Joshua Farley 's Ecological Economics and Herman Daly and John Cobb's For the Common Good.

The L.A. artist Rebecca Potts picks Weather Report: Art and Climate Change, which she tweets 'is a great exhibition catalog with an intro by Lucy Lippard'.

Bridget McKenzie, director of Flow Associates, tweets (as @bridgetmck) 'What about stealth #climelit' and suggests Alan Weisman's The World Without Us, Jay Griffiths' Wild and Anne Michaels' The Winter Vault.

@RETHINKclimate points to articles by Emma Ridgway, Bruno Latour and Mike Hulme on Climate&ART.

For more updates, go to #ClimeLit.

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